Perfect launch of Building Market Brief Initiative

To support the construction sector in Europe in its energy transition and up-take of low-carbon solutions, EIT Climate-KIC presented the Building Market Brief Initiative during the Climate Innovation Experience, October 25th in the Netherlands. It was the right moment to launch this unique concept, the first series of reports and the start-up Cues Analytics for an audience of 300 people.

Data that changes the building sector

Two years ago, EIT Climate-KIC and its partners started their mission to generate a reliable and comparable evidence basis for the building sector. Literature studies, online surveys, in depth interviews and building stock modelling were harmonized and merged to provide a holistic view on the state of this sector. Subsequently, harmonized detailed data in the construction chains in the Netherlands, Germany, England, France and Switzerland was generated and cropped into compact 60-page reports, named:  ‘The building market briefs’.

The urgency

All stakeholders in the built environment identify lack of data and transparency as one of the key barriers in their business. Those that work across countries especially see the lack of comparability across borders as problem. This series of reports addresses exactly this. The insights it offers in these reports enable European innovation suppliers and policy makers to enter the future in a well-informed manner.

Round Table ‘Shaping the building sector 2030’

Together with CLC Benelux (EIT Climate-KIC’s Benelux office), the Building Market Brief team invited stakeholders of the – primarily – Dutch Building sector to join the Round Table (side event). Henk Visscher – Professor of Housing Quality and Process Innovation TU Delft – and Clara Camarasa – co-founder and analyst at CUES Analytics – had a good exchange of knowledge with the participants on e.g. how to use the reports, important future developments and interesting comparisons with neighbour country Germany.

“I was looking for arguments to build up my case for a deep retrofit renovation of the buildings owned by my organisation. I’ve just browsed through the Dutch Building Market Brief, and I saw a number of interesting facts and insights that I can use for my purpose. Thanks!”
Participant Round Table  

What’s next…

Now that we’ve launched the series of reports on The Netherlands, Germany, England, France and Switzerland, we’ll continue to promote this initiative within the European Building sector. E.g. as a follow-up of the Climate Innovation Experience – we will organize an in-depth session at the TU Delft in the upcoming months. We are also working on a ‘BMB tour’ through Europe; we’ll have the Building Market Briefs Spain, Italy and Poland ready before the end of this year; and we have found sponsors for further development and to widen the scope, possibly to non-residential and city-level. We also have the data to dive into the comparisons between countries.

For further information or to download the Building Market Brief reports or Contact Zeno Winkels, Business Developer EIT Climate-KIC.

Published 5 November 2018

About BTA

Building Technologies Accelerator (BTA) is a programme by EIT Climate-KIC: the EU’s largest public private partnership addressing climate change through innovation to build a zero carbon economy.