Do ‘green walls’ lead to a better indoor air climate and to increased employee vitality?

Dutch health insurance company Achmea is currently researching in one of their offices in Leiden the effect of ‘green walls’ on employee comfort, vitality and wellbeing. EIT Climate-KIC start-up OfficeVitae is facilitating this sustainable pilot with its own developed smart technology.

Picture: 3d image of the office displaying temperature per werkzone, with circle colour indicating if value is within tolerances (green) or exceeding (red).

Sustainable working climate

Since May this year, three large green walls with different plants have been installed on the 7th floor which is laid out for Agile working. The plants have been chosen specifically for their air-purifying and revitalising capabilities. In order to gain useful insights in the effects and make sure the indoor air climate really improves, and office workers really experience higher comfort levels, OfficeVitae is measuring and monitoring temperature, CO2, humidity, VOC, light, sound and satisfaction levels.

Real-time measuring

The 100 office workers participating in the 6 month Achmea pilot are all enabled to view their own workspace comfort levels in a real-time dashboard.  In addition to that they can share their comfort experiences through a customised OfficeVitae mobile app. This way Achmea’s Facility Department can get a complete status of their indoor environment, measured objectively as well as subjectively, and the impact ‘green’has on employee well-being.

Office worker is key

OfficeVitae innovates continuously, using data collected from office workers at Achmea to further improve their app and software platform. This agile approach helps OfficeVitae to adjust quickly to current and future customer needs. The key objective is to create healthier and more sustainable office environments and increased employee vitality.


EIT Climate-KIC’s role

EIT Climate-KIC is helping OfficeVitae to connect with (international) customers and navigate the market. EIT Climate-KIC is a knowledge and innovation community in climate change and energy transition and also a catalyst for new innovations that have a positive effect on health and well-being of people in the European built environment.



Published 12 July 2018





About BTA

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