BTA Living Labs: A pan-European network

BTA’s network of Living Labs across Europe presents a unique and invaluable experience to technology developers and their customers alike, including architects, planners, contractors and real estate owners.

Office and residential purposes

The facilities are real-life offices and homes, where people work, live and sleep. The Living Labs are also laboratories, where energy efficient and sustainable building methods, processes and systems are developed and tested. The realistic environment ensures that the solutions developed can meet user and market needs, providing industry partners with innovative but viable building products for today and the future.

Accelerating low-carbon innovations into the market

By joining forces with industry partners from the supply and demand side early in the process, developers can reduce the time it takes to bring their innovative, low-carbon products to market. Living Labs support the development of customer-oriented products by recognizing industry partners’ key considerations and users’ needs and preferences. Responding to the market’s needs helps boost a technology’s chance of success.

But most importantly, the testing methodology ensures that the energy efficiency targets for the products are not just on paper but rather realistic objectives.

In short, the Living Labs provide the ideal environment to test low-carbon solutions for new buildings as well as renovation projects and to lower the risk of failure.


The focus of our current Living Labs includes:

• smart offices

• façades

• home energy management systems

• circular buildings

• construction frames

• solar energy and more

The BTA Living Lab network covers major climatic areas in Europe: Nordic and Mediterranean countries, and continental Europe.


Current Living Labs

There are currently five Living Labs within the BTA programme,

located in different climatic zones throughout Europe:

• HSB Living Lab (Sweden)

• Concept House Village (the Netherlands)

• The Green Village (the Netherlands)

• House of Natural Resources (Switzerland)

• CIES (Spain)

Published 19 May 2018

About BTA

Building Technologies Accelerator (BTA) is a programme by EIT Climate-KIC: the EU’s largest public private partnership addressing climate change through innovation to build a zero carbon economy.