EIT Climate-KIC has now developed a matchmaking service to help cities and real estate owners find the right climate solutions. Interested? Read more about our approach.

About this service

European cities are aware of their climate challenges, and have translated the Paris goals into ambitous energy agenda’s for the upcoming years.

However, many city professionals are also aware that the average, business-as-usual solutions and approaches are not up to this task. To meet their sustainability goals, cities need scalable deep retrofit solutions.

EIT Climate-KIC is an innovation engine bringing climate and sustainable innovation to market while primarily focusing on the systems of and the systemic approaches to innovation. Key to our systemic approach is our 250-partner strong network, comprising a diverse set of first-rate knowledge institutions, leading corporations, SMEs and ambitious actors from the public sector. We bring this community together to create a strong supply of new ideas, from which cities and other players on the demand side can benefit.

Open Innovation has fast become a mainstream way of facilitating and accelerating innovation, with innovators involving potential users early on in the development phase while keeping costs down by benefiting from the expertise of others, including competitors, outside of the organisation.

Open Innovation services are underpinned by a systemic approach based on the following steps:

  1. Define the challenge
  2. Discover solution using a customised innovation sourcing strategy
  3. Analyse and prioritize innovations and engaging with providers and experts
  4. Connect solutions into a coherent approach that aligns with the needs of the challenge owner

If you are interested what we can do to solve your challenge, please get in touch


More information

Have a look at the Urban Challenge Brochure for more information about the EIT Climate-KIC Open Innovation approach in working with our city partners and entrepreneurs in finding the best solutions and turning city challenges into a success.

About BTA

Building Technologies Accelerator (BTA) is a programme by EIT Climate-KIC: the EU’s largest public private partnership addressing climate change through innovation to build a zero carbon economy.