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Demand Led Innovation Brokerage

Demand Led Innovation Brokerage

Are you interested to improve the environmental performance of your property portfolio but are not sure which innovative technologies make economic sense?

To match the supply and demand side in sustainable building innovations, BTA organises regular international Demand Led Innovation Brokerage events where carefully selected innovations can pitch their case for property owners.

Upcoming Demand Led Innovation Brokerage events

BTA regularly organises new Demand Led Innovation Brokerage events, which will be published on the News & Events section of this website. For more information, please send an email to:

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What are the benefits of participating?

Property owners:

  1. Access to the latest technologies available in the world and development of competitive advantage
  2. Identify the latest technological gaps in the market and find out how your competitors are addressing them
  3. Reduce energy consumption by up to 45% in your properties
  4. Increase your profile as being environmentally aware by supporting technology innovations
  5. Differentiate your company profile compared to your competitors / stay ahead of the curve
  6. It is entirely free and all the costs will be covered by the programme and it only requires 1.5 day of your time

Technology developers:

  1. Pitch your technology directly in front of relevant property owners
  2. Receive valuable feedback on your technology
  3. Get included in the BTA Technology Pool by Synoptic to be found by potential customers on a global level
  4. No participation fee
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