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Building Market Briefs

The building sector is in need of comparable, pan-European data to support low-carbon economy. Such information is presently incomplete and fragmented, which hinders the uptake of new innovations and technologies. In this project BTA delivers the missing pieces in the Building Market Briefs, which are condensed reports per country and based on a unique methodology.


The Building Market Briefs (BMB) initiative aims at collecting and generating insights on the building sector to foster low-carbon investment and scaling. Building Market Briefs (BMB) generate an in-depth market study in the form of reports and an online tool. The reports profile a single country-building sector condensed into 50 pages. The online tool visualizes the most relevant information, allowing the user to create datasets according to their specific needs. The content is methodologically aligned, thus enabling comparison between markets.


  • Summary of key national framing conditions and major trends – carbon targets, legal frameworks, financial support instruments, investment rates, etc.
  • Market size and building stock morphology – building typology characterization and building sector stakeholders breakdown
  • Potential market size generated through by transformation of the building sector according to national carbon targets to 2050
  • Insight into key market stakeholder groups’ perceived barriers towards action, decision criteria and needs, based on survey results
  • Local market experts’ comments on the content, targeted recommendations, and identified business opportunities
  • A quantitative Indicator Factsheet and a qualitative Executive Market Summary is also provided, offering a synthesis of indicators, key findings and targeted recommendation extracted from the brief

Benefits per Target groups

Targeted beneficiaries of the BMBs are low carbon technology and innovation suppliers (large corporates, SMEs, Spin-offs) intending on scaling-up their solutions. The BMBs will enable them to:

  • Identify the most relevant markets segments and business opportunities to invest
  • Diagnose stakeholders’ specific need in the market
  • Link with local market experts’ network and materialize identified business opportunities.

Country/EU policy makers and property investors will be able to extract a pan-European overview of comparable market information enabling them to benchmark situation in different markets.

Eventually all stakeholders in the building sector will benefit, as aligned and comparable information has proven to be a key contributor to overcome market barriers.



  • In 2016: Switzerland (pilot)
  • In 2017: France, Germany, the Netherlands, UK
  • 2018 – onwards: to be defined

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