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New deep retrofit solution ‘Façade Leasing’ to be implemented on 3.400m2 at Delft University of Technology

28 January 2018

Combining financial and technical solutions

The CiTG building has two main facades, facing East and West, each with an area of approximately 3.400m2 . Built in the late 1960’s, the building envelope is reaching the end of its technical service life, requiring improvement. Façade Leasing will entirely renovate the façade panels on the East facade, replacing them with a high energy-performance system and external sun shading.

Façade Leasing is not only technologically innovative, it also has a unique financial approach that makes this option double attractive. The payment of a service-fee each year will be balanced against the improved energy performance, opening up new possibilities in Energy Saving Performance Contracting (ESPC) models for building envelope renovation.

Sybren Steensma, Programme Manager of Climate-KIC’s BTA: ‘Façade Leasing is exactly the type of innovation that could make the difference in city refurbishment. It embodies a whole new way of thinking and lowers the barriers for large-scale deep retrofitting. We are keen to follow and support any further developments of this promising concept.


The construction boom that took place across Europe from the 1950’s to the 1970’s presents the current European construction sector with a tough challenge. Buildings from this time combine a still functional structural integrity with a rapidly declining energetic performance, which often negatively affects the performance of the building’s users/owners.

On the other hand, investment on building energy renovation projects is still far below the required volume. Furthermore, many of these retrofitting projects focus on minimizing initial investment costs – rather than optimizing energy consumption – resulting in superficial improvements and in a short-sighted allocation of financial and material resources. Façade Leasing offers a solution that is at the same time financially attractive and offers high quality technically.

Façade Leasing is made possible through a network of partners from industry and knowledge institutions. Climate-KIC is one of the initiators that has made the development of this unique deep retrofit solution possible.

More information

Find out more? Have a look here for more details on Façade Leasing.

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