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BTA’s start-up ChillServices nominated for the EIT Awards 2017

5 October 2017

BTA’s start-up ChillServices is one of the 21 nominations representing Europe’s most promising entrepreneurs and innovators at INNOVEIT (the EIT’s annual Innovation Forum).

Each nominee has been selected for driving European innovation through ground-breaking products, services and processes that address global challenges in the fields of climate, energy, digitalisation, health and raw materials.

Food cooling 2.0

ChillServices (projectname SusCool) works on next generation energy concepts for supermarkets and cooling chains of food. The project combines advanced sensors, machine learning and energy modelling to identify optimal solutions for load management in food cooling.

As a commercial spin-out, the project developed a sensor holder combined with an optimised scheme for positioning and load management. The craftsman who install the sensor holders, are guided by a smartphone app. The smartphone app also enables the documentation of the process, ensures the quality of the implementation and generates a database that will be used by the client to build his future energy efficiency strategy.

After the implementation of the sensor holder and the optimisation of the load management system, the cooling cabinets run significantly more stable and consume less energy, resulting in a return on investment of around two years.

Scaling up the volume in Germany

The concept is currently scaled with Germany’s second biggest supermarket chain, the REWE Group, wholly owning 12,500 supermarkets. 400 supermarkets will be modified in 2017 – a contract for the spin-off worth EUR 2 million. The market volume in Germany alone is a potential EUR 135 million, with potential emission savings in the range of 120,000 tonnes per year.

Climate-KIC Building Technologies Accelerator (BTA) supports ChillServices with funding, expertise, network and communications.

The awards ceremony will be held on 16 October 2017 during the EIT’s annual Innovation Forum, INNOVEIT, in Budapest. So, to be continued…

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