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BTA Round Table 19 September

21 July 2017

Climate-KIC start-ups give an impulse to energy neutral and healthy renovations

During the previous Round Table of January 24th, TNO and Climate-KIC shared the highlights of the report “Drivers and Barriers of Deep Retrofitting in the Netherlands” and validated the outcome with the participants.

Round Table II on September 19th, 2017

The aim of Round Table II is to deepen the subject by offering concrete examples of Climate-KIC start-ups to the participants. These start-ups will show how their innovative solutions could lead to acceleration of energy neutral and healthy renovations. In that view, TNO introduces the ValueFit Accelerator.

Deep Retrofit; an important focus for all stakeholders

Climate-KIC is Europe’s most important public-private innovation network in the field of climate change. It focuses on realisation and upscaling of innovations for climate mitigation and adaptation. Climate challenges related to cities are one of the main areas of attention. Therefore Climate-KIC drives the development of deep retrofitting of the existing housing stock, with the ambition of energy neutrality or energy positivity by 2050 in mind.

Share your minds!

Of course, we’d like to pick your brains and learn from your (market) insights. Just like you, the start-ups face challenges in e.g. legal and financial issues. They would like to share them with you. In some cases, they’ve already solved the issues but the solutions might be interesting for you too. In short, we see a dynamic exchange ahead of us!


09.00 – Walk in

09.30 – Welcome by BlueCity

09.40 – Kick-off by Climate-KIC

09.45 – Start-up 2nd Skin

10.05 – Overview of Climate-KIC start-ups (presentation)

10.25 – Start-up Nerdalize

10.45 – Introduction of ValueFit Accelerator by TNO

10.55 – Brainstorm/Matchmaking

12.10 – Conclusions, actions, summary

12.30 – The end

Register here

If you want to join the Round Table, please register via the online registration form. For questions about the content, please contact Sybren Steensma, Programme Manager Climate-KIC BTA.


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