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Living Lab Network

HSB Living Lab


The HSB Living Lab will be built on the Chalmers campus in Gothenburg, Sweden. The building consists of 25 apartments and has a total ground space of 400m2.


In developing systems and engineering solutions at HSB Living Lab, design and behavioural aspects are taken into consideration. Sustainability and well-being are key research topics.


  • A basic infrastructure (25 student units)
  • Knowledge on Living Labs, sustainability, energy systems, flexibility, movability and deconstruction,architecture and design

Partnership Concept

The HSB Living Lab is a cooperation between three organizations: HSB Housing Corporation, Johanneberg Science Park (JSP) and Chalmers University of Technology. Chalmers, Interactive Institute and NASA are members of the management team. The partnership in charge of development funds is HSB Living Lab Utveckling HB.

Technology focus
  • Smart offices
  • Innovative façades
  • Home energy management systems

Residential building

  • 25 apartments for students and guest researchers
  • Facilities: exhibition area, common laundry room and meeting area
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