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Living Lab Network

House of Natural Resources


The ETH House of Natural Resources (HoNR) develops, implements and monitors in-situ novel façade elements and innovative structural elements made of wood at original scale, including: post-tensioned timber frames using hardwood and timber-concrete hybrid floors made of beech wood.


‘Sustainable Wood Constructions and Innovative Façades’

  • Development & implementation of innovative and efficient hybrid timber structures
  • Field campaign of in-situ tests at different construction stages
  • Implementation of a permanent sensor network for long-term monitoring
  • Development and implementation of innovative façades


  • Showcase for sustainable construction using wood
  • Living lab for testing and demonstration of new building technologies
  • Local communication
  • Student education

Partnership Concept

Stakeholders and investors, real estate managers, project developers, total and general contractors, timber construction companies, for example: ETH Foundation, Häring & Co. AG, Hess & Co. AG, Pollmeier Massivholz, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN) and Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI).

Technology focus
  • Post-tensioned timber frame using hardwood
  • Hybrid beech concrete floor
  • Adaptive solar façades
  • Improved wood façade performance (UV-stability, flame retardancy)
  • Autonomously moving and suntracking wood façades

Enhancement of structural health monitoring. A building that will provide unmatched knowledge about the behaviour of this innovative timber structure including façade elements.

Our Partners