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Living Lab Network

The Green Village

The Netherlands

The Green Village is a sustainable, lively and entrepreneurial community based at Delft University of Technology (TU Delft). The concept unifies clever, imaginative strengths of scientists and entrepreneurs and turns ideas and visions into experiences and commercially viable products and services.


‘Radical innovation’

  • Clean energy producer
  • Waste as resource
  • Clean water producer
  • Clean air producer


  • Strong connection industry and university
  • Future labs, lively environment
  • Equipped with the latest sustainable technologies
  • Prêt-à-Loger

Partnership Concept

The village is a ‘science park’. Funds from TU Delft, the city of Delft and other organizations, will be used for the ‘backbone’ development of the park. Each plot of the park will be developed and independently financed by a consortium of academia, companies and sdents. Income from space rental, shop, restaurant and events, will be used for the exploitation of the village. Part of the overhead will be funded by TU Delft and other public funds for a period of ten years. Business partners add in-kind and financial contributions.

Technology focus

Green buildings, electric transport, circular buildings, smart heat grids, energy efficiency and more


Restaurant, event centre, ‘interactive shop’, outdoor space, evolve into an autarkic area, shop window of TU Delft

Our Partners