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CIES is an office building complex located near the Spanish city Castellón. This Living Lab focuses on innovative façades and innovative work environments.


  • ‘Developing innovative façade systems and smart office concepts’
  • Brand-new building that provides the opportunity to test new technologies for new offices and for office refurbishment. Develop measures and methodologies for assessing smart office concepts in relation to human behaviour, innovative products and building technology.
  • Constructed with conventional building technologies – opportunity to test technical refurbishment of office buildings in Mediterranean climates.


  • CIES: Living Lab R&D infrastructure to test new and innovative materials with focus on ceramic industries for the refurbishment an design of office buildings in the Mediterranean region.
  • Will provide start-up entrepreneurs of low-carbon projects with technological support so that their products and services can be marketed.
  • The Centre shelters the Energy Efficiency Foundation for the Valencian Region and hosts meetings and seminars focused on energy efficiency, including Climate-KIC initiatives.

Partnership Concept

CIES has partners in both industry and academia, including Valencia Institute of Building (IVE), Technological Institute of Ceramics (ITC) and Technological Institute of Construction (AIDICO), Castellon City Council, KERABEN, ACTIU and DEVIOD.

Technology focus
  • Innovative façades: ventilated façades, new innovative materials, ceramic/stone panels and galvanized steel panels as exterior skin, new insulation materials, innovative bricks etc.
  • Technologies focused on innovative work environments: passive (ventilation, daylighting etc.) and active strategies (intelligent materials, energy management systems, efficient thermal areas: HVAC systems, efficient lighting design, HVAC systems etc.)

Office building complex.


Built area of 2700 m2 located at the City of Transport (‘Ciudad del Transporte’), the logistic and trade area of Castellón (SMEs and industrial area).


22 offices of 25 m2 – 50 m2 and 6 sheds of 150m2 each

Our Partners