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Living Lab Network

Concept House Village

The Netherlands

Concept House Village is a model village located in the ‘New Village of Heijplaat’ in Rotterdam. This model village houses temporary, permanent and existing buildings for research and development. Both new and retrofitted buildings. Here innovative houses, products and systems are tested with and by occupants. The first prototype was completed in 2012 and is currently being used as a Living Lab for researching occupant needs and preferences. Other houses are undergoing construction or are in the design phase.


Concept House Village aims at shaping sustainable behaviour through innovation. This Living Lab is a perfect environment for developing leadingedge methodologies and portable tools for field studies. It also assesses sustainable housing concepts in relation to human behaviour, product services and building technology. The user plays a central role in a house’s design and development. The focus is also on the occupant’s interaction with products, systems and services.


  • Prototype 1 (TU Delft): Living Lab R&D infrastructure
  • Concept House Village: range of different housing units for research and development
  • Intensive student involvement
  • Communities of Practice (network of businesses, public and academic organizations)

Partnership Concept

Concept House Village is a cooperation between businesses and academic partners. There are 21 business partners involved in this flagship project, among which: RDM Campus, Woonbron (social housing corporation), ENECO (energy provider) and BAM (building contractor). The academic partners are: Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) and the University of Applied Sciences Rotterdam.

Technology focus

Test, evaluate and validate:

  • technologies
  • services
  • processes

Concept Houses on three kind of plots:

  • Temporary houses
  • Permanent houses
  • Existing houses
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