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BTA’s four main focus areas

BTA’s goal is to support innovative building technologies and construction services to reduce CO2e and create new businesses and jobs in the European building sector. We achieve this by concentrating on four main focus areas:

Low-carbon materials & Circular Economy
Scalable Refurbishment Solutions
User Oriented Energy Management

BTA products fall under these focus areas. BTA partners develop products in real-life environments which incorporate cutting-edge energy management technologies, sustainable façades, renewable building structures and innovative work environments.

Climate-KIC has a proven and successful track record across Europe. BTA has established a unique partnership with leading research institutions, government bodies and industry. The BTA consortium is a combined initiative aimed at developing low carbon goods, products and services. These innovations will not only improve our environment, they will be instrumental in creating new markets and employment opportunities. Global property consultant Knight Frank, for instance, is one of our valued partners and has an established international network in the built environment market.

‘ETH Zurich has defined Sustainable Construction as a
key strategic area and as leading partner of BTA, fully supports innovative strategies for a sustainabledevelopment in the building industry.‘

Dr. Andrea Frangi
Professor for Structural Engineering & Timber Structures at ETH Zurich

‘Climate KIC is making an unprecedented investment into climate innovation via these flagship programmes. These investments will deliver gamechanging CO2e reductions and catalyse the development and upscaling of new low carbon technologies across Europe. This in turn creates new jobs and economic growth across multiple countries.

The flagships bring together a wide range of private, public and academic organizations in a unique combination to develop new goods, products and services that address the climate change challenge.’

David Goatman
Partner, Head of Sustainability & Energy at global property consultant Knight Frank
Our Partners