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Low-carbon materials & Circular Economy

Wood façade surface protection

This wooden surface protection technology intends to offer a high quality alternative to current traditional wood impregnations and coatings. The new coating aims to protect the original wood colour for a long period of time. It also repels water and is durable.

Product Description

  • Protective coating of the original wood colour is easy to use
  • Coating technology based on thin UV absorbing metal-oxide films
  • Hydrophobic surface properties mean fewer cracks or deformations

Target market

  • Manufacturers of wood façade products
  • Mass market
A new surface technology for high quality and durable wood coating so that surfaces and façades can be maintained longer.
Climate Relevance
This is a sustainable product since approximately one ton of carbon dioxide is stored in every cubic meter of wood. It is also a natural and renewable building material.
Contact person
Prof. Dr. Ingo Burgert
Leading Institution
ETH Zurich
Living Lab
ETH House of Natural Resources
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