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Scalable Refurbishment Solutions

Adaptive solar façade

The solar façade generates electricity and provides good daylight distribution and shading. This lightweight photovoltaic system can be installed on new and existing buildings. The product is suitable for mass production and for building a scalable business.

Product Description

  • Solar façade consists of thin-film PV modules and a lightweight structural frame
  • Façade’s lightweight structural frame is easy to install on building surfaces (windows, roof)
  • Solar panels track the sun using a lightweight pneumatic actuator
  • Architecturally unique designs for environmentally conscious companies

Target market

  • Homeowners, commercial building owners (banks, insurance and real estate agencies, hotels)
  • Europe
Lightweight, easy to install, the solar façade can be adapted for both new and existing buildings. This product is suitable for mass production.
Climate Relevance
No need for fossil fuels in generating electricity. Solar façade enables buildings to become energy independent. This helps reduce the built environment’s CO2 footprint.
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