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Low-carbon materials & Circular Economy

Post-tensioned timber frame construction using hardwood

Less energy is required in constructing timber buildings when compared to concrete ones. Timber buildings are also eco-friendly since they act as a storage unit for carbon dioxide. Post-tension timber frames are an alternative solution to reinforced concrete structures. Apart from the tendon and anchorage no additional steel elements are required.

Product Description

  • A straight tendon connects hardwood glulam columns to hardwood and softwood hybrid glulam beams
  • Fast assembly, only two workmen and light machinery needed
  • Easy building instructions
  • Pre-fabricated elements guarantee high quality
  • Analytical tools provided to design post-tensioned timber frames
  • Engineering consultancy services available Target market

Target market

  • Building developers (public, private), construction companies, architectural and engineering companies
  • Switzerland/Europe
(Swiss) timber construction companies can gain from replacing steel and concrete with post-tensioned timber frames. Estimated investments in new and old buildings indicate that both production volume as well as revenue could increase substantially.
Climate Relevance
To significantly reduce CO2 emissions by replacing concrete with ecofriendly renewable timber.
Contact person
Prof. Dr. Andrea Frangi
Leading Institution
ETH Zurich
Living Lab
ETH House of Natural Resources
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