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Scalable Refurbishment Solutions


This modular ‘skin’ system transforms the row house into an energy neutral unit. Integrated in this ‘skin’ system are innovative interventions ranging from basic passive solutions – insulating the house, adding a greenhouse – to extremely advanced technological add-ons – heat recovery systems, solar panels and PCMs. Designs for ‘a home with a skin’ use standardized parts as well as customized solutions.

Product Description

  • Toolbox for the sustainable transformation of existing row houses into energy efficient homes
  • Tools proposed are:
    • a thermal insulation and heat recovery unit
    • a greenhouse that functions as a garden and is used for heating purposes
    • photovoltaic modules on the roof to generate enough energy for operating all systems.

Target market

  • Inhabitants, private owners and housing corporations which own or manage (post-war) row houses
  • Immediate target group: 1.4 million Dutch homes, expand to include millions of row houses in other countries
Post-war row housing which makes up a large part of the residential building market can be transformed into energy neutral homes. This ‘skin’ system also improves the quality and value of these homes.
Climate Relevance
To create a sustainable urban environment. By upgrading the existing building stock, a real contribution can be made in achieving energy-neutral targets.
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