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Scalable Refurbishment Solutions

NIR Reflective Ventilated Façade System

NIR Reflective Ventilated Façade System is a ventilated façade system with NIR (Near Infrared) reflective tiles. These reflective tiles help improve the building envelope’s thermal behaviour. To accurately evaluate the envelope’s thermal behaviour, EnergyPlus software has been integrated in these innovative façades.

Product Description

  • Ventilated façade system
  • NIR (Near Infrared) reflective tiles form part of this façade and improve the building envelope’s thermal behaviour
  • EnergyPlus software accurately estimates the energy savings generated by innovative systems

Target market

  • Architects, manufacturers of construction systems, users of commercial, residential and office buildings
  • Hot climate zones in and outside of Europe
Huge potential growth opportunities in Europe due to the fact this technology has not yet been widely implemented.
Climate Relevance
Reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions by using ventilated façades to refurbish existing and new building façades. NIR reflective tiles improve the envelope’s thermal behaviour, amounting to an even greater reduction in energy.
Contact person
Dr. Gonzalo Silva
Leading Institution
ITC AICE - Instituto de Tecnología Cerámica
Living Lab
CIES Living Lab
+34 964342424
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