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Scalable Refurbishment Solutions

Next Generation Building Envelope Systems

Next generation building envelopes rely on high-performing and smart materials and incorporate novel building technologies. They are lighter, thinner and more durable than traditional building envelopes. These innovative materials and envelopes are now being developed to meet stricter building regulations in the future.

Product Description

There are four parallel developing tracks:

  • Low-carbon materials (green concrete, with 100% slag cement, and sugar alcohols as phase-change materials)
  • Climate adaptive and user interactive envelopes (incorporate phasechange materials for thermal storage and temperature regulation)
  • Envelopes without borders (sorption-active and permeable woodenbased wall systems for subtropical regions including those of Japan, Brazil and India)
  • Ultra-thin envelopes (integrate green concrete, textile reinforcement and high-performing insulation)

Target market

  • Materials producers, building contractors, technical managers, designers, builders, consultants, tenants, energy supply system businesses
  • Worldwide, developing countries
Cost-effective alternatives to traditional solutions and potential to create new competitive markets.
Climate Relevance
Example: ultra-thin concrete wall panels. The use of blast furnace slag in concrete, a waste product from the iron industry, is an eco-friendly alternative. It fully replaces Portland cement, a common binder in concrete, whose production is among the most CO2 intensive industrial processes. The use of textile reinforcement instead of steel additionally reduces the amount of cement in concrete walls.
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