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User Oriented Energy Management

Cluster-based energy consumption prediction tool

This tool is a cheaper alternative to smart metering devices and empowers property owners in their negotiations with energy suppliers. This enables large scale property owners to be supplied with renewable energy mixes at comparable prices. After a self learning phase, it predicts precisely tenants’ energy consumption.

Product Description

  • The final product is an adaptable prediction model for large scale property owners
    • a plug-in tool for large property owners generating data regarding energy consumption, takes defining frame conditions (building parameter, user habits) into account
  • (Commercial) by-products of the final product are:
    • visual sensors, optical information regarding behavioural and consumption patterns
    • HSB Living Lab database, identifies analogies within the data cluster for the prediction model and can be used for commercial reasons.

Target market

  • Large scale property owners such as (social-) housing associations, banks, insurance companies, retailers
  • Countries with diversified energy markets and interested in increasing their share of renewables
  • Markets with high energy prices


Large property managers can negotiate better with energy and resource suppliers knowing how much and which energy resources are needed, enabling them to purchase energy at a cheaper rate. Tenants are assured price stability and energy mixes with higher renewable shares.
Climate Relevance
By being able to predict substantial fluctuations in the energy supply precisely, a larger share of renewables can be provided. By promoting renewables, substantial carbon emission savings can be achieved.
Contact person
Christian Marx
Leading Institution
Chalmers University of Technology
Living Lab
HSB Living Lab
+46 317722297
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