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Scalable Refurbishment Solutions

2nd Skin Façade System

This pre-fabricated and lightweight building envelope acts as a building’s second skin. With this low-carbon solution, existing buildings can be easily upgraded and meet eco-friendly building requirements.

Product Description

  • Pre-fabricated, lightweight building envelope is independent from underlying building structure
  • Heating, cooling, ventilation and energy-generating technologies are integrated in the envelope
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Minimal and temporary construction disturbances during installation, a bonus for both tenants and housing associations

Target market

  • Housing associations in the Netherlands, Europe
Existing buildings can easily be upgraded at a low cost by adding a second skin to their façade. When retrofitting the building, tenants will not have to relocate during construction activities. The envelope is easily installed within a short period of time.
Climate Relevance
By renovating existing building stock such as multi-family postwar buildings, energy consumption and CO2 emissions can be reduced significantly.
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